These are for standard American Ring Sizes. 

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Our Bracelets at Mia come in different sizes. All sizes are always approximate. All measurements are in inches. 

  1. Adjustable: Most people can use our adjustable bracelets.  They either have extensions  with clasps or you can pull to adjust the size. 
  2. Small Wrist: Size 6.5 – 7” inches Is for a smaller wrist.
  3. Medium Wrist: Size 7” – 7.5” is for a larger wrist.  

INSTRUCTIONS to determine your bracelet size. 

  1. You can use a flexible tape measure OR a piece of paper, pen and a ruler. 
  2. Measure your wrist right below the wrist bone where the ruler or paper overlaps. If you are using a piece of paper it is easier if you cut the paper to 1/4” or 1/2” width. Then wrap the paper around your wrist below the bone and mark where it overlaps with a pen. Place the marked piece of paper on the ruler to know your size in inches. 
  3. After you measure your wrist in inches, Add 1/2” for your bracelet size.

      Ex: If you measure your wrist and its 6”, then you should fit into a 6.5” bracelet for a comfortable fit. 

      Ex: If you measure your wrist and its 6.5”, then you should purchase your bracelet at 7” for a comfortable fit. 

All Sizes Are Approximate.


These are general guidelines;  as necklace fit varies per person.


12” – 14”:  Most of our chokers are adjustable with an extension to fit comfortably on the mid neck, or just below.


16” – 18”:  Most of our pendant necklaces are 16”  with an extension to 18”.  A 16” necklace falls against the base of the throat; while an 18” necklace  falls around the collar bone. Since most of our necklaces are adjustable they have an easy fit.


20” – 24”: This length sits between the collarbone and the bust.


36”: This Length sits a few inches below the bust.

If the necklace has a clasp to open it, it can be worn as double layered necklace at approximately 18”. 


A necklace that consists of a linear drop in the center. Somehow in the shape of the letter “Y”.

necklaces size chart