Repair Policy

Before our products are shipped out, we make sure that they are in great condition! We photograph them for quality control.

As with any product, natural wear and tear or an accident may result in a piece of jewelry becoming damaged or broken. Please follow our jewelry care instructions for the longevity of your jewels.

We will repair an item within 60 days of purchase if it is a manufacturing defect.  All other repairs are subject to a fee.  

If a product arrives defective due to shipping,  please contact us at  within 3 business days of receiving your item(s). We will be happy to make arrangements for your replacement. If possible send us a photo of the item(s). 

Any other type of repair may be subject to a fee. All repair issues are subject to our discretion. The customer is responsible for shipping their item(s) unless it is a manufacturing defect.

Jewelry Care Instructions:

All jewelry is delicate and fragile. When we ship out our pieces we make sure they are in perfect condition for you to enjoy.  In order to avoid any wear and tear; or accidental damage, please follow these instructions for the longevity of your jewels. 

For your pieces to remain looking sparkly and new, please care for them properly.

  • Remove items prior to: bathing, swimming, working out, cleaning, sleeping, or any activity that may cause damage.
  • It is best to put your jewelry on as the last thing you do when you are “getting ready” in order to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, lotions, hairspray, or make-up.  It is also best to remove them before sleeping to avoid any pull of chains or accidental damages that can happen while you sleep.
  • If you are traveling with your jewelry in your handbag, please keep it in a safe place like a box to prevent it from getting damaged by any accidental issue.  The box could protect the pieces from getting compressed.