Welcome to Mia Jewels

What’s a gal to do? Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, my dear!

Who are we? Why, thank you for asking! For the past 16 years, Mia is South Florida’s go-to jewelry boutique compliments of our dazzling array of baubles from babies to adults. 

Jet on over to Aventura Mall’s go-to jewelry boutique, Mia. Full of gorgeous necklaces, rings, bracelets and more, it’s just what the fashion police ordered to add some pizzazz to your lackluster wardrobe options.

“I personally handpick each and every single piece in the store. I’m drawn toward unique designs — much like art pieces — and my clients appreciate my curated collection. I’m also a stickler for affordable prices and strongly feel jewelry should not break the bank,” Mia Owner Gina  says. 

Up for grabs are both classic and on-trend creations. Think evil eye charms, colorful eternity bands, symbolic motifs, hoop earrings, butterfly bracelets and more. Gina adds, “Mia has something for everyone. We’ve got all styles – funky, elegant, spiritual, sophisticated, casual, bohemian and sexy.”

Set amongst a white palette, the boutique’s vibe is clean and chic. Necklaces are draped over coral branches while rings, earrings and bracelets are displayed in floating glass cases. “The store is a like a blank canvas to enjoy all the details, designs and colors of the jewelry,” Gina says.

With price ranges varying from $25 to $500 and trinkets for newborns to grandmothers, Mia is for all. So what are you waiting for? Buy a ring, don some bling, wear last year’s party dress and still look the best.



A Care-Free spirit… a True Adventurer, and a Hippie at heart with a strong artistic fashion sense. The bohemian in you has a sense of street chic with an unconventional dressy casual style. 


A Fashion Risk Taker that is always ready to explore an unconventional style. Groovy… Strange but Cool… and Never Boring. 



Enchanting and Mysterious…  A Strikingly Unusual Style that sets you apart from the rest in a beautiful way!


Express your beliefs with symbols. Symbols can express ones own faith, beliefs or devotions. Whether its religious devotion, or a connection to something bigger…   



Classy,Traditional and Timeless… A Modern Simple Elegance to carry you throughout the day. Always looking beautifully polished and perfect!


For one of the most magical moments in your life… feel glamorous! Glam it up with style!  For the Bride, Bridesmaid, or Flower girl… find luxurious pieces to bling up your special day.